Monday, September 13, 2010

Day V: Las Vegas

I never would have imagined actually liking Vegas but--for a short trip--it was totally awesome.  Take away the drugs and hookers and it's just Disney World for adults.  I walked ten miles, wielding beers in one hand and a camera in the other before I had to drag myself out and on to the next stop.

Highlight of the trip would be an older gentlemen in a motorized wheel chair shouting, "Woooooo Wooooooooo!" at any convertible that drove-by.  Runner-up would be when one very drunk man repeatedly walked back-and-forth between Spiderman and Batman, desperately trying to get the two superheros into a fight.

Bellagio Orchestrated Water Show

Marilyn Monroe posing for pictures.  I told her she was smaller than she looked in the pictures.  Apparently, saying such a thing to a 'little person' is in bad taste.


Miniature Eiffel Tower

Prada II

The Mirage Casino entrance-way

The Gauntlet.  Dozens of men & women line the sidewalk handing out calling cards for 'women within 20 minutes'

Las Vegas Blvd traffic

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