Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mt. Moosilauke

Brutal conditions along the ridge up to the summit of Moosilauke today; 60 mph sustained winds and 50 feet of visibility made for a tough going.   Barely took the camera out at all today; the wind managed to blow snow up and into my pack, effectively filling it (and my previously comfortable camera) with the stuff.  With how well my pack was sealed, I still can't believe my misfortune on this one.

Lack of visibility and the barren conditions made it very easy to get lost across the 1.8 mile ridge loop, and any exposed skin was immediately subject to frostbite.  Ice quickly formed across the pack and gear and left even the zippers on my jacket lightly frozen in place.

Looked like about six of us hit summit today, though conditions were reportedly substantially better in the morning given one hiker who mentioned he peaked without a face mask or goggles (impossible by the time I reached summit).

Shared the trail with Coco the stray Chocolate Lab on the way down, who was bitterly disappointed when I practically had to pull her out of the driver's seat of my car to inform her she could not come home with me.

Today's trip makes for 100 miles of hiking in the White Mountains in the past three months.

7.8 miles / 4hrs 45min

What to wear to a bank if you want to get LOTS of attention

Along final ascent up to Carriage Rd

Ice began forming on our gear (and my camera)

Descending after stumbling across the summit

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