Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kinsmans via Fishin' Jimmy

Gorgeous day for a hike, though the clouds conveniently decided to rest about 100' below the summit of both peaks, so we never got to enjoy the view we saw hints of throughout the day.

Lessons I Learned On The Trail Today:
1.) Falling down the stairs of Lonesome Lake Hut is painful.  Do not attempt.
2.) When opting to stop-and-stretch the upper body, choose to do so when there is not a tree-limb directly above you with 2' of snow on it.  
3.) After eating on the trail, if approached by a dog, pet the animal with the hand that was not holding the sandwich.  Failure to comply will result in an interspecies battle to reacquire your glove (and possibly your hand).
North peak, facing South.  Closest thing to a view we got today

Beware of false summit at S. Kinsman; make sure you stand on this cairn

Overexposed North Kinsman summit

Creepiest Summit Picture Ever

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